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Welcome home. Welcome to the mind appealing to the heart.

Hi, I’m Elliott Robertson.  I’m a Spritual Growth Coach.  What does this mean?

It means I meet you where you are, ask you where you’d like to go, and support you in supporting yourself to move in that direction.

I do not work with dogma.  I provide a setting for you to ask yourself, “What do I need and want?”

I am not a guru.  I support you in noticing the chances for you to turn within and meet your inner knower.

I do not do the work of inner gardening for you (I cannot).  I bring fertilizers to you and walk with you to the garden’s gate.

I do not insist on anyone seeing the world from my perch. I only ask you to honor your discernment.

I do not ask you to follow me or to go down the same path I’ve been traveling. I simply provide a container for you to practice tapping into the heart. To practice listening to her.

I do not show you a map of the lay of the land. I ask you to draw your own map and I welcome differences between our visions and expereinces.

I do not demand anything. I witness you make your own unique exploration. 

I do not ask you to define your relationship to Spirit. I invite you to celebrate your ever increasing capacity to see the Light within you as you grow.

My story

When I was in my twenties, I had limiting beliefs including:

***I’m too thin to qualify for a romantic relationship

***I don’t have what it takes to do anything other than an entry-level job

***I’m not good enough to be friends with anyone who is “together”

Over the years I’ve become a man who is comfortable in my skin and who has deep loyal friendships with successful people. Plus I find my work fulfilling to the max. I am passionate about guiding the way from self-criticism to self-acceptance.

As a Spiritual Growth Coach, I support you in embracing who you truly are and celebrating yourself. Our time together is dedicated to tapping into our heart’s longing to say Yes to life unconditionally, and more.  The techniques I offer are like fertilizers for harmony, coherence and alignment.

A heart-centered approach

The soup we’ve been swimming in for many lifetimes has been a culture that dismisses and discounts the heart. When we leave that soup behind, the way is open for us to experience the highest, truest freedom and sovereignty. 

We are living in a new era. The soup has become much less dense and it is continuing to loss its thickness. In this new culture of greater support, accessing the heart’s wisdom is becoming easier. Willingness and allowing are all that is required.

How do clients benefit? What do they receive?

1) Greater clarity about what stands in the way of being open to receiving God’s love, their personal patterns of resistance.
 2) Greater intimacy with the heart stemming from practices of honoring the heart.
 3) A vibrant awareness of possibilities that await them, including the possibility of choosing into self-appreciation, gratitude, and a new identity–one that conforms with the Cosmos’ vision of who they are.

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