Say Yes to Possibilities!

Hi, I’m Elliott Robertson. I’m a Spritual Growth Coach. I specialize in supporting clients establish new habits. Habits that over time lead to waking up with joy and gratitude fairly consistently. Habits that support a broader vision of what might be possible. Habits that open the way to living life more fully and tapping into the undercurrent of joy that we are born with.

When people ask me what a spiritual growth coach does, I use metaphors. I am a tour guide. I provide a map that goes beyond the surface level. If you are working on forming a habit of being grateful, I’ll encourage you to keep a gratitude journal listing what you are grateful about yourself, your true essence. And I provide you with affirmations such as: I am grateful for my heart’s capacity to love. I am grateful for my heart’s eagerness to love and to be kind.

My favorite metaphor for what I do is this: Possibility Whisperer.

My truest passion is holding the space for people to sense more possibilities for themselves. We’re all unique, so we all have a unique range of possibilities. And we are all attracted to different “flavors” of possibilities. We need to listen to our hearts–our hearts know instinctively and intuitively which possibilities have our name written on them.

For years I was my own worst enemy. I disparaged my body and mind, my capacities and my unique self.  Now I celebrate who I am, both as a human and as a soul. 

Now I introduce my clients to exercises and processes I’ve designed to help bring awareness to deep patterns so that they can be loosened and released. 

And there’s more. Clients are provided with a chance not only to release what isn’t serving them, but also to bring their attention to the inner treasures of their souls. Clients are invited to commit to embracing and honoring the beauty within the heart. And to practice doing so, to form a new habit.

The way is opened for moving forward in a new direction–the direction of cultivating inner harmony. This is the dawning of authentic happiness and fulfillment. For joy, fulfillment and authentic happiness are the byproducts of alignment and harmony.

My story

When I was in my twenties, I had limiting beliefs including:

***I’m too thin to qualify for a romantic relationship

***I don’t have what it takes to do anything other than an entry-level job

***I’m not good enough to be friends with anyone who is “together”

Over the years I’ve become a man who is comfortable in my skin and who has deep loyal friendships with successful people. Plus I find my work fulfilling to the max. I am passionate about guiding the way from self-criticism to self-acceptance.

As a Spiritual Growth Coach, I support you in embracing who you truly are and celebrating yourself. Our time together is dedicated to tapping into our heart’s longing to say Yes to life unconditionally, and more.  The techniques I offer are like fertilizers for harmony, coherence and alignment.

Sacred habits

Sacred habits are formed by noticing what direction you are facing. Are you gazing mostly at worrisome circumstances? Are you remembering throughout the day that Spirit created you in her image, with powers beyond your imagination?

After you’ve noticed how your “inner sails” are set, you can begin to choose a new setting for these “inner sails.” Or, to use another metaphor, after you gain more awareness of how you’ve been standing as you go throughout the day from one thing to the next, you can begin to form the habit of a new “inner posture.” An inner posture that begins with saying “Yes” to God when God whispers, “You are beautiful.”

To quote a prayer from Marcrina Wiederkehr: “Dear God, please help me to believe the trust about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.” 

How do clients benefit? What do they receive?

1) Freedom from the paralysis that comes from a deep-seated sense of not being good enough.
 2) Freedom from the limited self-images cultivated long ago.
 3) A vibrant awareness of possibilities that await them, including the possibility of choosing into self-appreciation, gratitude, and a new identity–one that conforms with the Cosmos’ vision of who they are.

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