Living from Your Invincibility

The time has come for the community of humankind to be honest about what we can do with God’s help.

God is always waiting for us to gaze into her face. God is waiting for us to look into our hearts and discover the great love we have for existence, the love we’ve had within since before we were born.

God waits for us to stand in honesty before ourselves and one another, to come out of hiding and to stand in the place of knowing that we were made to shine the light of God into the world in our own way.

God waits for us to hear her invitation to walk always toward heaven—to release the images and beliefs that pull us toward illusion.

The time has come for us to hear God clearly when she says our names, to know that God invites us to agree with her each time she says, “Beloved soul, you’re made from light and love.”

No more pretending that we know ourselves better than God knows us. No more clinging to our understanding of ourselves as living in a realm apart from God’s realm. No more painting our self-portraits using shame and guilt as reference points for who we are. No more thinking we don’t have a choice about what our self-portrait might look like.

The time has come for us to say to God, “I’m willing to receive your love. I’m willing to know with every fiber of my being that I’m always your beloved.”

Be grateful, dearest one, for the willingness that was placed within your heart at birth, the willingness to say Yes to the sweet invitation to receive.

Be grateful for your soul’s design as an open window through which Love and Light must flow. Be glad you’re a log the Fire cannot help but set ablaze. You have been formed as a “place” for the Presence to be known.

Be grateful for the Newness of each day, O valiant one. Be grateful for the invitation Newness carries with it. You can grow in a new way. You can discover new ways of expressing who you are.

The power of the Newness sits in its invitation to see yourself afresh, anew, to see the glorious light within your heart with greater receptivity and acceptance than ever before. . . .

Say Yes to your invincibility, dear one. When the house has been taken by a hurricane, when you’ve been demoted at you job, be certain that Divinity is working then and there to bring about something better for you and all who are touched by these conditions. . . .

Say Yes to invincibility, dear one. Say Yes to uniting with God’s invincibility!

Know that you do not create this invincibility on your own. Rather, you receive invincibility when you surrender to Divine Intelligence.

Go to God with an intention to be heard and to hear. Follow the example set by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when he went to the Father saying, “I don’t want the cross” and then gave his listening and his being to the Father, knowing only good and nothing else would come out of truest surrender.

Know that human needs are the container for invincibility. Without a need, how could there be a divine answer? This is the dialogue of life, for in truth your needs are met and filled by God’s love in every moment.

Be the riverbed that needs the water. In this way you offer God a place to flow. In this way you fill God’s need to love, expand, to be exactly who God is. In this way you bring to God your glorious uniqueness, the uniqueness of your soul that magnifies God’s presence and God’s love.

Know that your invincibility sits within your relationship with God. Stand before God in humble honesty. Announce your discontent; proclaim your flaws. Hide nothing from the Inner Knower who sees all. Come out of hiding and see the brilliant radiance shining through your being, the brilliant light that’s brighter than the brightest star.

These are excerpts from an article that was originally published in The Embrace newsletter.