Princess Diana, the Heart, and Graciousness

I took a month-long seminar in Santa Monica a number of years ago. The participants were responsible for keeping the room orderly. This included setting up the chairs for theater seating. The coordinator of this event told us time and again, “The details are important.”

There is a spirit of graciousness in a place that is rightly ordered. There is also a spirit of graciousness in a soul whose expression is informed by the longings of her heart.

Princess Diana was a role model for graciousness. She followed her heart’s deepest longings. When she spoke out against landmines, she was allowing her heart to lead the way. When she devoted herself to being the best mother she could be, she was following her heart of hearts. When she publicly shared her problems, especially her problems with bulimia, she was allowing her heart to overrule her fear of being vulnerable.

Let’s take this conversation about graciousness a little deeper. What exactly are the qualities of graciousness? How do you know if you are in the presence of someone who exemplifies this?

Graciousness has nobility, humility and generosity. When we are filled with graciousness we become genuinely interested in those we meet. It is a receptive, listening energy, not an energy of broadcasting, nor a demanding presence.

In it’s purest form, graciousness is closely related to Servanthood, for just as the true Servant does not withdraw herself from the world nor limit her giving nature, so too does the gracious soul stand in a willingness to meet the needs of companions on the journey and give the gifts that the cosmos has asked the soul to give.

The gracious person is the one who gives the world the gift of herself, the one who is willing to show up authentically in the fullness of her being.

All of this was exemplified by Princess Diana, although the tabloids may not have painted a clear picture of this beautiful soul.

We are all called to be gracious. When we answer this call with a “Yes, I am willing to be gracious–I am wiling to let my heart lead the way,” we pivot from the darkness to the light.

When we answer the call to be gracious with a “Yes, I’m willing to say ‘Yes!’ to who I am and to the unique gifts I’ve been given to share with the world,” we not only bring ourselves closer to the mountaintop of wholeness, but also give the world the gift that comes from our authentic radiance.

There’s something else that’s tied to graciousness. Graciousness can be a path to abundance. It is the expression of the authentic self that takes place naturally when we set ourselves free from the prison of desperation. Consider, if you will, the power of graciousness to serve as the fuel that can take our vehicle into the realm of abundance. Could it be that when we are gracious, the aperture of the lens through which we view the world widens exponentially? Could it be that when we stand in the bravery of showing up as we are (as Princess Diana did when she spoke about her experience with eating disorders), we become increasingly open to the possibilities that sit before us–the possibilities for growth and manifestation that might go unnoticed were we to be constricted and in a state of desperation, a state of cursing or despair rather than graciousness?

Entrepreneurs and business owners, I have something to tell you. It may be one of the most important insights you’ve ever received. The probability of your experiencing abundance will be reduced if you do not give way to the graciousness within you. Graciousness is the opposite of the desperate self who grasps for straws. The gracious one is noble and invites all souls to follow their intuition and their hearts. This one does not try to rope anyone into buying a product or a service.


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