The Harmony Self-Study Program

This series of three audios is designed to support you on your journey to a life of greater inner harmony. The series consists of these three parts:

Part I: Beholding Your Essence
Part II: Cultivating Self-Trust
Part III: Celebrating Yourself

These are harmony’s three pillars. ($111) (This is a package of three audios and it is offered only as a bundle, not separately.)

What makes us human is not our mind, but our heart.

Henri Nouwen

Guided Visualizations

The first five visualizations take you on a journey through the woodlands. You are encouraged to lie down, listen to my voice and the music, and relax into a deep place. Affirmations are included for you to absorb when you are deeply relaxed.

Meditation for Self-Trust

Supports you not only with self trust but also with trusting life to lead you to your highest good. Just over 20 minutes. An abundance of deep spiritual affirmations at the end. ($27)

Customized Morning Prayer (example)

I am honored to create a customized prayer for you. First I will draw oracle cards. The themes of the prayer will come from the cards. The recording will begin with 2 – 3 minutes of relaxing music, followed by the prayer, and then more music. This example lets you know what to expect. ($27 value offered now for no charge.)

Customized Morning Prayer

It is my honor to create a customized prayer for you. I will begin by drawing oracle cards from a few decks and using them to guide the prayer. The recording begins with 2 – 3 minutes of relaxing harp music. Then the prayer joins the music on a separate track. Finally, you return to just the relaxing music. A wonderful way to start the day. Some people like to follow this prayer with working with light, angels or prayer on their own. The entire recording will be 6 – 7 minutes. This product will be sent to you within 4 days after receiving your order. (Valued at $37. Presently offered for $17.)

Meditation for Living In The New

This visualization supports you in letting go of the past and embracing your power. ($27)

Meditation for Tough Times

This guided visualization is designed to help you pivot from despair toward greater hope. ($27)  

Meditation for Nobility

This visualization guides you to the nobility and divine perfection within. It also supports you to transcend fears. ($27)

Meditation for Appreciating Life

Supports you to create a safe space for connecting with the heart’s appreciation of life. Opens the way for experiencing gratitude. My gift to you in these challenging times. ($27 value, no charge)

Meditation for Beholding Your Essence

Harmony is the foundation for happiness from the inside out. And beholding your true essence is one of the pillars for Harmony. This meditation is designed to support you in seeing yourself as the Cosmos sees you, to see the love and light within. ($17)

Meditation for Drawing Near To God

This guided visualization is designed to support you in releasing the pattern of judging yourself as less than holy. It also supports you in celebrating your role as Servant, as God’s hands.

This meditation was inspired by Wallace Wattles, who, quoting from the Bible (James 4:8), wrote: “Draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you.” That is a statement of psychological truth. ($17)

Meditation For Celebrating Your Divine Relationship

This meditation was inspired by the following passage from A Course of Love: To believe you are in concert with the universe is to believe that you have no need for struggle, to believe you have no lack, to believe in your state of grace [C:25.12]. It was also inspired by the 23rd Psalm. ($17)

Meditation for Loving Your Chakras

This 20 minute visualization invites you to go deeply into your heart and to affirm your love for each chakra in your body.  ($17) 

Let us love, since our heart was made for nothing else.

St. Therese

Say Yes To Life Book

Are you living life full out?
Are you sustained by the oasis in your heart throughout the day?
Are you attuned to the guidance provided by the North Star and your Inner Knower?

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