Invincibility Coaching (and other Private Coaching)

 We are invincible when we are mature and clear. When the roots of the plants in our interior garden are anchored.

Many of us are feeling a call to tend to our inner gardens like never before. The time of spiritual growth is upon us and we are being supported in taking quantum leaps. We are called to be Olympians now.

Nothing is more exciting than discovering our natural design as stewards of our gardens. We are born with the capacity to plant seeds for harmonious relationships, abundance, and a vibrant connection with the stream of joy hidden in our hearts. The chaos may be a catalyst for our discovering who we are.

This four-week program includes a balance of planting seeds and weeding out old patterns.

We’ll start with what if questions such as “What if I can only glimpse the glory within me?” and “What if God has the power to ” From there, we venture to the next highest plateau and the next. 

Homework assignments are given every week–but they are offered in bitesize pieces. Spending a little time each day in our interior garden can make a world of difference. When you discover the nobility and sovereignty within, it really is a whole new world.

Advanced Inner Gardening includes the modality I designed for supporting clarity for the next step in personal growth, Essential Knowing. This modality uses the chant Quan Yin used in her final lifetime before becoming an ascended master.

Essential Knowing is a 20 minute process that cuts through the distractions so you can be available to the Inner Knowing of what you need and require to be fulfilled. Plus the Inner Knowing that what is needed is available to you.

Essential Knowing can support you in tapping into your inner genius. You may find yourself embracing your capabilities more than ever before and enjoying a more direct route to spiritual maturity.

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My favorite metaphor for what I do is this: Possibility Whisperer.

My truest passion is holding the space for people to sense more possibilities for themselves. We’re all unique, so we all have a unique range of possibilities. And we are all attracted to different “flavors” of possibilities. We need to listen to our hearts–our hearts know instinctively and intuitively which possibilities have our name written on them.

For years I was my own worst enemy. I disparaged my body and mind, my capacities and my unique self.  Now I celebrate who I am, both as a human and as a soul.

Now I introduce my clients to exercises and processes I’ve designed to help bring awareness to deep patterns so that they can be loosened and released.

And there’s more. Clients are provided with a chance not only to release what isn’t serving them, but also to bring their attention to the inner treasures of their souls. Clients are invited to commit to embracing and honoring the beauty within the heart. And to practice doing so, to form a new habit.

The way is opened for moving forward in a new direction–the direction of cultivating inner harmony. This is the dawning of authentic happiness and fulfillment. For joy, fulfillment and authentic happiness are the byproducts of alignment and harmony.

I offer exploratory Breakthrough calls via tele-conferencing for no charge. Email to let me know of your interest.

Appreciating Life: Setting the inner sails toward joy

 Are your inner sails set to keep you in a place of discord and resistance? Mine were for many years. I walked around New York City and jealousy rose up within whenever I saw men waiting with their boyfriend, poised to buy tickets for a movie. I was swimming in the soup of bitterness every day.

For some, bitterness and jealousy get in the way. For others it is self-pity. There are many variations on this theme.

There is nothing more simple or basic than appreciating life.. What if we are all designed with the capacity to appreciate our beauty ad the beauty of others? What if other ego-bound ways of relating to the wolrd are learned along the way?

In many cases these learned attitude, dispositions and behaviors overshadow our innate capacity–our inborn proclivity–for appreciating life and being grateful.

Take a moment now to notice moments in your life when your natural inclination to appreciate beauty or nobility in yourself or in another or in nature was in the driver’s seat, a moment when this joie de vivre and celebration was not eclipsed by judgment or comparison.

Maybe it was a moment of hearing the mot exquisite music Or finding yourself before a painting that captured your heart. (When I was 17, I couldn’t take my eye away fron a nature scene by the Impressionist, Corot–I instantly fell in love with the artist.)

Every day brings a fresh opportunity for swiming in the pool of appreciating life and saying Yes to the new moment and being humbly grateful to the One for birthing you with the capacity to give and receive love.

This four-week probrm will provide you with practice for pushing your row boat out of the weeds in the swamp into the calm harbor where you won’t get entangled with the ego’s game quite so much. Here you will discover how easy it can be to set aside judgmental self-talk and shift into neutrality.

Whether you are new to the spiritual journey or just stuck in old patterns and habits, this program an empower you to leave the snags and trapdoors behind and start over, fresh and anew. It is never too late to begin again.


Improvising in the Kitchen: The easy path to emphasizing vegetables

 This program is designed to support you in making the transition from a meat-centered diet to a diet emphasizing vegetables. It is the ideal first step on the journey to becoming vegetarian if that’s what you’d like to do.

The six week journey is also about exploring playfulness. Playfuless is a powerful path to loosening the grip of the ego and setting yourself free from the prison of cursing life.

For some, the program changes their relationship to vegetables. The six week journey can land you in a place of confidence even if you start out feeling shakey in a vegetarian kitchen.

For some, the program provides a forum, a container, for practicing approaching life with an attitude of playfulness. If you can cultivate this disposition in one area of your life, it will naturally spill over into other areas. Playfulness starts showing up everywhere after the neurology is established in one place.

Improvizing provides a wonderful doorway into playfulness. It also provides a doorway into mastery, for it gives you a chance to tap into your intuition and to discover your intuition can come up with tasty combinations, especially after getting a little practice and refinement. Playfulness never judges and it is the opposite of perfectionist, so you can feel safe about letting creativity flow without worrying about the results being perfect every time.

Yes, you may find this program opens the way for you to put perfectionist tendencies in the backseat of the car for once and for all. The first rule of Improvising in the Kitchen is “No judgements and no reprecussions.” The focus is on wins, not shortcomings; it’s all about the direction (not destination), and you’re allowed to give yourself slack.

The program provides you with a road map for getting from where you are now in your meat-to-vegetables daily intake to a new ratio. The program supports you in establishing new routines to make the transition easy and natural.

At the end of the program you might decide you’re happy with two veggie meals a week and stay at that plateau. Or you might want to up it a notch. Some clients leapfrog to 3 or 4 meals on their own after being introduced to the gradual approach I provide.

For some, this program opens up a whole new vision of possibilities and inspires care for the body in other realms, beyond nutrition.

You’ll meet with me via tele-conferencing for five consecutive weeks (in addition to the initial session). In between each coaching session, you’ll integrate new eating habits into your weekly routine. You’ll receive at least two new recipes each week as part of the program.

If you choose to take this to a deeper level, you’ll have opportunities to notice your relationship to food and to self-nurturing. Still, the primary focus is to provide you with training wheels to help you get started on this transition to your eating habits, the transition away from meat and toward vegetables.


If you generally prepare non-vegetarian dinners seven nights a week, this program assists you to initially establish a habit of cooking vegetarian twice a week. If you are already preparing vegetarian meals once a week, you may want to start with the plateau of three meals a week. When the program ends, you’ll be offered continued support with a check in call a month later.

If you’d like to start your journey from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet by taking small baby steps, one after another, instead of trying to switch overnight, this program is for you. The program is designed to make it easy for you to win. It allows you to transition away form old eating habits to new habits gradually.


Email me at to request an exploratory phone call and from there begin the program if it’s right for you.

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