Improvising in the Kitchen: The easy path to emphasizing vegetables

 This program is designed to support you in making the transition from a meat-centered diet to a diet emphasizing vegetables. It is the ideal first step on the journey to becoming vegetarian if that’s what you’d like to do.

The six week journey is also about exploring playfulness. Playfuless is a powerful path to loosening the grip of the ego and setting yourself free from the prison of cursing life. 

For some, the program changes their relationship to vegetables, starting with feeling comfortable with them and becoming just as confident in a veggie ktichen as in any other kitchen. 

The program provides you with a road map for getting from where you are now in your meat-to-vegetables daily intake to a new ratio. The program supports you in establishing new routines to make the transition easy and natural.

At the end of the program you might decide you’re happy with two veggie meals a week and stay at that plateau. Or you might want to up it a notch. Some clients leapfrog to 3 or 4 meals on their own after being introduced to the gradual approach I provide.

For some, this program opens up a whole new vision of possibilities and inspires care for the body in other realms, beyond nutrition.

You’ll meet with me via Zoom for four consecutive weeks. In between each coaching session, you’ll integrate new eating habits into your weekly routine. You’ll receive two new recipes each week as part of the program.

If you choose to take this to a deeper level, you’ll have opportunities to notice your relationship to food and to self-nurturing. Still, the primary focus is to provide you with training wheels to help you get started on this transition to your eating habits, the transition away from meat and toward vegetables.


If you generally prepare non-vegetarian dinners seven nights a week, this program assists you to initially establish a habit of cooking vegetarian twice a week. When the program ends, you’ll be offered continued support with a check in call a month later.

If you’d like to start your journey from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet by taking small baby steps, one after another, instead of trying to switch overnight, this program is for you. The program is designed to make it easy for you to win. It allows you to transition away form old eating habits to new habits gradually.


Email me at to request an exploratory phone call and from there begin the program if it’s right for you.

To find out more about the power of playfulness, you may want to review this blog from The Good Men Project website:

Private Coaching

 My favorite metaphor for what I do is this: Possibility Whisperer.

My truest passion is holding the space for people to sense more possibilities for themselves. We’re all unique, so we all have a unique range of possibilities. And we are all attracted to different “flavors” of possibilities. We need to listen to our hearts–our hearts know instinctively and intuitively which possibilities have our name written on them.

For years I was my own worst enemy. I disparaged my body and mind, my capacities and my unique self.  Now I celebrate who I am, both as a human and as a soul. 

Now I introduce my clients to exercises and processes I’ve designed to help bring awareness to deep patterns so that they can be loosened and released. 

And there’s more. Clients are provided with a chance not only to release what isn’t serving them, but also to bring their attention to the inner treasures of their souls. Clients are invited to commit to embracing and honoring the beauty within the heart. And to practice doing so, to form a new habit.

The way is opened for moving forward in a new direction–the direction of cultivating inner harmony. This is the dawning of authentic happiness and fulfillment. For joy, fulfillment and authentic happiness are the byproducts of alignment and harmony.

Some clients prefer to work with me for 3 – 5 months. This provides a chance to ground new habits into the fabric of one’s life. A new way of relating to oneself, to life and to God can take root in a three month program.

Befriending Possibilities is a five-month program. It is appropriate for those who are in touch with their heart’s desire and life passions. And for those who want to gain more clarity about what they truly want. 

Sacred Habits consists of three sessions a month for three months. Plus homework throughout the three months.

Other clients prefer a four-week series. This can serve as a chance to get a sense for my approach to coaching. Becoming Unshakable is a four-week series also with homework.

All of these programs support you in establishig a relationship with life from the place of your heart. When you relate to life from your heart, the way is open for tapping into your power to work with Spirit to create the new.

I offer exploratory Breakthrough calls via tele-conferencing for no charge. Email to let me know of your interest.


The Universe Meets You Halfway

 I believe quantum physcis will one day discover that the universe is friendly and that it meets you halfway.

Halfway is good news. You do your part and it will take care of the how and the unfolding. The cosmos will ring the right people and ideas to you. You’ll be given the funds you need, or the boat, or the partnership. Divine love fills every need.

Halfway is demanding news in a good way. You are required to do your part. You’ll feel like you had a good workout in the gym, tired in a good way.

My clients do all the gardening. The coaching work is all about fertilizing the heart and all I can do is provide fertilizer. The rest is up to you.

It’s a law. Get clear about your needs and your direction. Fertilize your heart’s garden. Prepare for the life force. Set the inner sails on your boat. Prepare for the wind. The universe will meet you halfway.  There is a divine answer for every human need.


Discovering Your Gifts and Befriending Possibilities

This five-month series begins with befriending fear and worry to clear the way for befriending possibilities. Discovering Your Gifts and Befriending Possibilities can help those who are clear about how they want to contribute to the world.

My approach to self-discovery starts with thanking God each day for the unique gifts you brought with you into the world. And for your unique soul-print. This simple practice can serve as a kindling to get the fires of passion stirring, the fires that lead to clear, enthusiastic action toward your wildest dreams, toward the Not Yet, the you who you have yet to meet. This practice is a practice of attention and when it is couple with intention, it becomes exponentially more potent.  


This series also provides a space for healing your relationship to possibilities. We’ve all grown up in a world that teaches us to dismiss possibilities. Many of us have been trained to not dream big. Many of us have cultivated a habit of neglecting our heart’s voice. And for years a virus of underestimating ourselves has been rampant. Everyday we draw a self-portrait of who we are, a painting that omits the brightest colors, the brilliance of our genius, the power of our soul. Even if we’ve been experiencing quantum growth over the years, we continue to see ourselves as the tip of the iceberg and fail to notice the part under the water, 90% of the power and majesty.

As a coach, I like to provide a space for you to discover who you are. I’ll offer lenses and assignments and it’s up to you to do the exploration.

Sacred Habits

What are sacred habits? They are happiness habits. Ways of seeing the world and relating to the world that are uplifting.

Sacred habits are formed by noticing what direction you are facing. Are you gazing mostly at worrisome circumstances? Are you remembering throughout the day that Spirit created you in her image, with powers beyond your imagination?

After you’ve noticed how your “inner sails” are set, you can begin to choose a new setting for these “inner sails.” Or, to use another metaphor, after you gain more awareness of how you’ve been standing as you go throughout the day from one thing to the next, you can begin to form the habit of a new “inner posture.” An inner posture that begins with saying “Yes” to God when God whispers, “You are beautiful.”

To quote a prayer from Marcrina Wiederkehr: “Dear God, please help me to believe the trust about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.” 

The habit of celebrating your heart’s capacity to love, delighting in the beauty of Mother Earth, and being more interested in understanding the person before you than convincing him or her that you’re right: these are a few examples of habits that uplift your state of mind and brighten your spirits. When these habits are cultivated, you become more available to creativity, more receptive to love.

Many of us have strongly ingrained habits of cursing life or complaining about the way things are, habits that lead to frustration and sometimes put us in a funk. The Sacred Habits program provides guidance and support for replacing those habits with new ones. 

When you establish the habits of acceptance, appreciation, and celebrating who you are, you set your inner sails to help you live in the flow and to celebrate life. We are all wired for saying Yes to Life. We come into the world designed to express the magnificence of who we truly are.

Becoming Unshakable

We are living in a time of chaos and turbulence. Both on the world stage and in our personal lives.

This coaching series is  like a workshop. You’ll receive homework assignments. Clients cultivate compassion for themselves. And self-trust is deepened. You’ll get a chance to practice viewing yourself and your world through the eyes of your heart. And you’ll shine a light on patterns that keep you from seeing the world through the eyes of your heart. Patterns such as expecting others to be a certain way, or having expectations about the world.

We won’t be looking backwards. We will simply be adjusting your “inner sails” so that you’ll be able to enter the eye of the storm.


Can deeply ingrained habits of self-judgment really be changed?

The science is in and debilitating habits can be replaced with new habits of thought.

Five coaching sessions may not seem like much. However, homework assignments are given each week. Consistently giving a little time to cultivating a new habit over the course of six weeks can establish a new outlook on life.

My exercises provide a chance for new insights to emerge–insights that can shift one’s way of relating to oneself and one’s circumstances.

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