Private Coaching

 Some clients prefer to work with me for 3 – 5 months. This provides a chance to ground new habits into the fabric of one’s life. A new way of relating to oneself, to life and to God can take root in a three month program.

Befriending Possibilities is a five-month program. It is appropriate for those who are in touch with their heart’s desire and life passions. And for those who want to gain more clarity about what they truly want. 

Sacred Habits consists of three sessions a month for three months. Plus homework throughout the three months.

Other clients prefer a four-week series. This can serve as a chance to get a sense for my approach to coaching. Becoming Unshakable is a four-week series also with homework.

All of these programs support you in establishig a relationship with life from the place of your heart. When you relate to life from your heart, the way is open for tapping into your power to work with Spirit to create the new.

I offer exploratory Breakthrough calls via tele-conferencing for no charge. Email to let me know of your interest.


The Universe Meets You Halfway

 I believe quantum physcis will one day discover that the universe is friendly and that it meets you halfway.

Halfway is good news. You do your part and it will take care of the how and the unfolding. The cosmos will ring the right people and ideas to you. You’ll be given the funds you need, or the boat, or the partnership. Divine love fills every need.

Halfway is demanding news in a good way. You are required to do your part. You’ll feel like you had a good workout in the gym, tired in a good way.

My clients do all the gardening. The coaching work is all about fertilizing the heart and all I can do is provide fertilizer. The rest is up to you.

It’s a law. Get clear about your needs and your direction. Fertilize your heart’s garden. Prepare for the life force. Set the inner sails on your boat. Prepare for the wind. The universe will meet you halfway.  There is a divine answer for every human need.


Befriending Possibilities

This five-month series begins with befriending fear and worry to clear the way for befriending possibilities. Befriending Possibilities can help those who are clear about how they want to contribute to the world. And for those who would like greater clarity.

For some, the tools and processes included in this series helps with discerning life purpose. For others, anxiety and overwhelm wane and are replaced by the habit of allowing doubts and fears to have their say and then returning to positivity and confidence and sometimes joy and celebrtaion.

We need to heal our relationship to possibilities. We’ve all grown up in a world that teaches us to dismiss possibilities. Many of us have been trained to not dream big. Many of us have cultivated a habit of neglecting our heart’s voice. And for years a virus of underestimating ourselves has been rampant. Everyday we draw a self-portrait of who we are, a painting that omits the brightest colors, the brilliance of our genius, the power of our soul. Even if we’ve been experiencing quantum growth over the years, we continue to see ourselves as the tip of the iceberg and fail to notice the part under the water, 90% of the power and majesty.

As a coach, I like to provide a space for you to discover who you are. I’ll offer lenses and assignments and it’s up to you to do the exploration.

Sacred Habits

What are sacred habits? They are happiness habits. Ways of seeing the world and relating to the world that are uplifting.

You could call them attitudes. Or ways of setting the inner sails so they’ll take you in a harmonious direction of fulfillment.

The habit of celebrating your heart’s capacity to love, delighting in the beauty of Mother Earth, and being more interested in understanding the person before you than convincing him or her that you’re right: these are a few examples of habits that uplift your state of mind and brighten your spirits. When these habits are cultivated, you become more available to creativity, more receptive to love.

Many of us have strongly ingrained habits of cursing life or complaining about the way things are, habits that lead to frustration and sometimes put us in a funk. The Sacred Habits program provides guidance and support for replacing those habits with new ones. 

When you establish the habits of acceptance, appreciation, and celebrating who you are, you set your inner sails to help you live in the flow and to celebrate life. We are all wired for saying Yes to Life. We come into the world designed to express the magnificence of who we truly are.

Two prongs:

Sacred Habits gives you a chance to explore the patterns that keep you from seeing the world through the eyes of your heart. Patterns such as expecting others to be a certain way, or having expectations about the world, for example. (When you are cursing the world and saying, “I want the world to be this way, not the way it is” or telling yourself that this person needs to be changed or that person should be different, you aren’t likely to see the world through the eyes of your heart.) That’s the first prong.

This coaching program simultaneously supports you in cultivating habits that open the way to living from your heart and to celebrating who you are. We will work with a map that helps you traverse many areas, including forming the habit of singleness of heart, gratitude, repentance/turning, and discernment.

For three months, you will be taking a few minutes each day to tend to your inner garden. I will provide you with fertilizers and I’ll listen. Fertilizers for making the inner terrain more condusive to compassion, integrity, a new sense of possibility, and a greater sense of invincibility. Fertilizers (habits) that support mastery.  

Becoming Unshakable

We are living in a time of chaos and turbulence. Both on the world stage and in our personal lives.

This coaching series is  like a workshop. You’ll receive homework assignments. Clients cultivate compassion for themselves. And self-trust is deepened. You’ll get a chance to practice viewing yourself and your world through the eyes of your heart. And you’ll shine a light on patterns that keep you from seeing the world through the eyes of your heart. Patterns such as expecting others to be a certain way, or having expectations about the world.

We won’t be looking backwards. We will simply be adjusting your “inner sails” so that you’ll be able to enter the eye of the storm.


Can deeply ingrained habits of self-judgment really be changed?

The science is in and debilitating habits can be replaced with new habits of thought.

Five coaching sessions may not seem like much. However, homework assignments are given each week. Consistently giving a little time to cultivating a new habit over the course of six weeks can establish a new outlook on life.

My exercises provide a chance for new insights to emerge–insights that can shift one’s way of relating to oneself and one’s circumstances.

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